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Chief of Army Land Forces Seminar 2018 (By Invitation Only)

The Application of Land Power in the Indo-Pacific


The Chief of Army Land Forces Seminar 2018 (CALFS18) is the Australian Army’s biennial event that brings national and international partners together to consider the role of future land forces in generating military response options within a whole of government context. CALFS18 will examine the theme ‘The application of Land Power in the Indo-Pacific’.

CALFS18 includes a range of keynote presentations, syndicate discussions, counterpart meetings and functions. It will be held in conjunction with Industry Defence and Security Australia Limited's Land Forces 2018 Exposition at the Adelaide Convention Centre from 4 – 6 September 2018.

The seminar is designed to maximise discussion and interaction by capitalising on the collective knowledge and experience of participants through a range of discussions and meetings. Attendance at the seminar is by invitation only and the proceedings will be published after the event.

History: The Chief of Army Land Forces Seminar (previously named Chief of Army’s Exercise) has provided the Australian Army and its national, regional and global partners with a forum to discuss issues relevant to the future of land forces.

The origins of the seminar can be traced back to 1925, when the then chief of General Staff General Sir Harry Chauvel, GCMG, KCB, called upon the General Officers of the Australian Army to address significant modernisation issues.

Recent Chief of Army’s Exercises have considered topics as diverse as the air/land battle, the human dimension of war, the application of social networking to Army, adaptive responses to complex environments and the modernisation of land forces in the Indo-Pacific. They have provided a vital forum for interactive discussion and knowledge sharing. A number of the concepts developed in previous exercises have resulted in concrete action that has improved the modern Army.

The Chief of Army’s Land Forces Seminar is also used as an opportunity for regional engagement, with an emphasis on Australia’s immediate neighbourhood and her closest allies.