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CIVDEF Conference

Wednesday 2 June
1000 – 1600
This event will be open to all LAND FORCES trade visitors, exhibitors and conference delegates.
Registration will open at a later date.
Meeting Room M3, Mezzanine Level, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre


Recent natural disasters have seen ever closer cooperation between the Australian Defence Force, and particularly the Australian Army, with civil agencies and industry in helping communities to endure and recover. LAND FORCES will provide a timely forum on the lessons, strategies, issues and tools that are being incorporated in response strategies at all levels to prepare communities for future emergencies.

The one-day CIVDEF Conference will focus on the planning and preparation that fall to governments, communities and those who execute emergency plans in the service of Australia in times of crisis.

Guided by a conference chair eminent in the field, the conference will focus on fire and flood, the two crises most emergency agencies face each year.

CIVDEF will not present on issues of the COVID-19 Pandemic, as major lessons from the pandemic are still being learned and defined.

The conference will support industry links with community and government crisis management agencies and promote industry capability for the Emergency Services sector.

Morning Session 1000 - 1200 – Presentations concerning the strategic, operational and tactical levels of preparation and management in the planning for crisis readiness and response.
Afternoon Session 1400 - 1600 – Collective discussion with first session presenters and industry representatives, including industry presentations on potential options to assist in emergency and crisis management and response execution.


Speaker / Event Time Topic / Notes
MC 1000 General introduction and presentation of conference format
Strategic Speaker #1 1005


  • Chain of Command
  • Personnel
  • Logistic management
Strategic Speaker #2 1025


  • Identifying threat areas
  • Communications
  • Community planning
Operational Speaker # 1 1045


  • The communications plan versus actual experience
  • Movement management of people
  • Logistics
Operational Speaker # 2 1100


  • Management of Emergency Services & personnel
  • Real time management of traffic flow
  • Planning tools for preparations of next flood crisis
Tactical Speaker #1 1115


  • Adaptation of plans
  • Training & Preparation
  • On ground management of civil populations
Tactical Speaker # 2 1130


  • How to manage changing environs
  • Management of isolated people & livestock
  • Logistics
  • Planning for rebuild
Open Panel Session #1 1145 - 1200

Questions to panel from the floor

  • Managed by MC to lead into the second session and industry engagement
Afternoon session 1400 - 1600  
Welcome 1400
  • MC with an introduction & synopsis of the morning session
Industry engagement session 1410 - 1550
  • Industry presentations on support to emergency and crisis planning and execution
Conclusion 1550 - 1600
  • Conclusion and invitation to the exposition floor
For any conference enquires, please contact Peta Richards at